Central Lab

Intervein is an independent central lab started in 2005 which focuses on clinical trials, BA/BE studies and in-vitro studies. We are pioneers in our country in offering customized services including logistics, kit management, data management, archiving and any other specific requirements. Intervein has an extensive test menu with fully automated top line equipments. We offer a high throughput global service for reference as well as esoteric tests.We deliver accurate, quality checked, clean patient data with rapid turn around time and with a goal to automate processes and tests. Intervein wants to be your key partner in all the research work for your projects. We truly partner each client as we understand that each client is different with specific requirements. We provide unsurpassed levels of service and support with facilities which are GLP compliant, dependable testing with rapid turnaround time. Along with client satisfaction we offer our scientific competence and expertise to achieve all your projects. We tailor solutions as per clients’ specific business strategy based on our business plans, IT solutions and cutting edge technologies.